Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction is the basic condition for sustainable success in the implementation of our services, in view of this fact we have implemented the following elements of the strategy:
  • Meeting the needs of the quality policy and the wishes of the client from the first contact to the delivery of the service while ensuring the quality that satisfies the client's requirements;
  • Continuous improvement of processes and manufacturing technology;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided;
    Raising the qualifications of employees through systematic training;
  • Using qualified suppliers and subcontractors who identify themselves with the quality policy;
  • Improving the organization of work;
  • Upgrading the machinery park;
  • Constantly making all employees and subcontractors aware that only individual responsibility for the quality of their work and full identification with the company guarantees the achievement of the set goals.
Management provides the means and resources to implement the above projects. Management, together with the staff, accepts responsibility for adhering to the quality policy during ongoing projects.