Repair of Speed Governors

Motor Nauta Ltd. is a company with extensive experience in the ship repair and modernization industry. We specialize in service of speed governors, which are a crucial component of every ship’s engine. Our team consists of qualified and experienced technicians who can meet the most demanding tasks. Our services include both routine repairs and comprehensive overhauls of speed governors.

Regulator obrotów

What is a speed governor?

A speed governor on a ship, also known as a Rotational Speed Regulator (RPO), is a device or control system used to manage the rotational speed of ship engines. It is a key element of the propulsion system that allows for the control of the rotational speed of propellers or other driving devices, such as main engines, auxiliary engines, or generators.

Why choose our speed governor repair service?

Our knowledge and experience allow usto conduct effective servicing ofspeed governors of various brands, including:

  • UG-8
  • UG-40,
  • PGA,


We understand the importance of the proper functioning of the speed governor for the safety and efficiency of the ship’s operation. Therefore, we always make every effort to ensure that our services are of the highest quality. We collaborate with many companies in the maritime industry, both in Poland and abroad. Our services are appreciated for their precision, timeliness, and competitive prices. Contact us today and find out what we can do for your ship.