Service of Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers on a ship are devices used to transfer heat between two mediums at different temperatures while preventing the mixing of these mediums. Heat exchangers are crucial components in cooling and heating systems on ships and are used for various applications, such as cooling engines, heating spaces, condensing water vapor, and heating or cooling cargo.

On ships, heat exchangers are used in variouslocations and for various purposes: 

  • Cooling engines and auxiliary marine devices
  • In generator cooling systems
  • Heating ship compartments
  • Cooling air, which is then distributed to different areas of the ship 

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Heat exchangers take various forms depending on the application. They can be flat plates, tubes, or spiral constructions that allow for efficient heat transfer between two mediums. The effectiveness of heat exchangers is crucial for energy efficiency and the performance of systems on ships.

We specialize in the repair of heat exchangers, including water coolers, oil coolers, and air coolers. Our services include  disassembly, verification, ultrasonic cleaning, assembly with new seals, pressure testing, and reinstallation on the unit. We colla- borate with clients both in Poland and abroad, offering high-quality services. Our offer is available nationwide and beyond.