Repair of Auxiliary Engines

We offer comprehensive servicesfor the recondition of the auxiliary engines, starting from diagnosis, through disassembly, overhaul, to reassembly of the device on the ship. An auxiliary engine on a ship, also known as a generator or auxiliary unit, is a combustion engine used to generate electrical power on board a vessel. It is an independent system that typically does not propel the ship itself but is a vital element of the power infrastructure, providing power for various systems and devices on the ship.


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Which auxiliary engines do we repair?

We provide repair services for auxiliary engines from various manufacturers, including:

  • Detroit Diesel,
  • MAN,
  • Cummins,
  • Caterpillar,
  • Sulzer,
  • Deutz,
  • Scania,
  • Volvo Penta,
  • WOLA,

Why choose our auxiliary engine service?

Choosing Motor Nauta for auxiliary engine servicing ensures professionalism and the highest quality of services. Our company holds the necessary certifications and authorizations to perform such work. With our experience and knowledge, we can quickly and effectively diagnose problems and carry out the necessary repairs on auxiliary engines. Our team of technicians consists of true specialists in their field, constantly upgrading their qualifications to meet the latest trends and technologies. All our services are conducted in accordance with the highest safety standards. Additionally, we offer competitive prices and flexible cooperation terms.