Repair of Auxiliary Devices

Motor Nauta Sp. z o.o. is a company with extensive experience in the maritime industry, specializing in the service and modernization of auxiliary devices on ships. Our range of services includes the repair of various auxiliary equipment on ships of different types. We service, among others:

  • Gearboxes,
  • Fuel and oil separators,
  • Compressors,
  • Clutches,
  • Thrust bearings,
  • Turntables.


Our approach to repairs is based on a thorough analysis of the cause of the malfunction, followed by an inspection and professional service involving the regeneration or replacement of damaged parts. Our experience allows us to handle various types of auxiliary devices, regardless of their application or specifications. We focus not only on timeliness but also on the high quality of our services, ensuring that the overhauled equipment is fully functional and ready for long-term use at sea. 

Urządzenia pomocnicze

Marine Mechanical Devices service by Motor Nauta Sp. z o.o.

Trust in Our Company means a guarantee of professional repairs that contribute to the safety and efficiency of ships  operations. Thanks to Our services, ships are able to continue their voyages with the confidence that their auxiliary  equipment is in excellent technical condition.

We offer servicing of auxiliary devices both on merchant and navy ships in  Poland and abroad - please contact our company to determine the details of cooperation!