Marine Deck Equipment Service – Pomeranian and West Pomeranian

We have extensive experience in the sector of repairs and modernization of floating units. Our specialization lies in the service and modernization of both civilian and military vessels, both within Poland and beyond its borders. We offer a wide range of services related to mechanics, especially the repair of ship equipment. We provide servi- ce abroad and enter into long-term service contracts with our partners.

Service of ships deck equipment includes, among others:

  • Inspection of anchor winches,
  • Regeneration of winches,
  • Service of deck cranes.

Okrętowe urządzenia pokładowe

Recondition of ships deck equipment

As part of our proposal, we offer comprehensive solutions for the repair and maintenance of marine deck equipment. Our specialized team of engineers and technicians has extensive experience in the field of shipboard equipment repairs, allowing us to ensure the highest quality of services. 

We conduct a detailed diagnosis of the technical condition of deck equipment, identifying any faults and areas  requiring repair or maintenance. We are ready to respond quickly to any sudden failures of shipboard equipment. 

All our services are provided with full commitment and attention to detail, ensuring their highest quality. Our main goal is customer satisfaction, so we always tailor our offer to the individual needs and requirements of each person using our services.