Main Engine – MAN B&W 5G50M

Scope of overhaul


1. Cylinder covers – 5pcs

a. Cylinder covers with exhaust valve removed,
b. Fuel valve bores checked,
c. Exhaust valves dis/assembled, cleaned, seals rings renewed:
- exhaust valves and bore cleaned, seats grinded,
- exhaust valves and seat checked for cracks,
- safety valve, opening pressure 23 bar set, o-rings and gaskets renewed,

2. Pistons - 5psc

a. Removed, dis/assembled and cleaned
b. Measurement, hydraulic pressure test 6 bar
c. Piston rings renewed
d. Seals ring renewed

3. Stuffing boxes - 5pcs

a. New stuffing boxes fitted
4. Cooling water jackets - 5pcs
a. Removed, dis/assembled and cleaned
b. Seal rings renewed