Quality Policy

The satisfaction of our clients is a basic condition for the permanent success in providing our services; therefore, we have implemented the following elements of our strategy:
  • Meeting the needs of the quality policy and requests of our clients starting from the first contact to the delivery of services, while providing the quality that meets the requirements of our clients;
  • The continuous improvement of processes and manufacturing technologies;
  • Raising continually the quality of our services;
  • Improving the qualifications of our personnel through systematic training;
  • Using qualified suppliers and subcontractors who are committed to our Quality Policy;
  • Improving the work organization;
  • Uplifting our machine fleet; and
  • Making all personnel and subcontractors always aware that only their individual responsibility for the quality of their work and complete identification with the firm can guarantee the achievement of the set objectives.
The management provides funds and resources necessary to meet the above objectives. The Management Board and the personnel accept the responsibility for following the Quality Policy in the course of executed projects.

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